Market Profile

Smart and intelligent packaging

Presently, packs are used to majority of products being sold on the market. Packaging market is being developed rapidly, which is connected either with the increase of markets of products that require packaging as well as creating new, cheaper and better technologies ensuring safety of the product and proper function of its packaging. New technologies have enabled the development of active and intelligent packaging. Such packs, apart from having the basic functions of traditional ones i.e. protection of the product from outer factors together with encouraging the customer to buy them, are to cooperate with the packed product and inform a customer of the products’ state.

The task of intelligent packaging (indicators) is to inform the potential purchaser of the quality condition of the packed product through colored indication. Indicator packs are used for products sensitive to outer factors change that act on the products mainly; temperature, humidity etc. Therefore, intelligent packagings have found a vast application in the branch of groceries and pharmaceuticals. The most important indicators are: indicators of time , temperature, humidity and oxygen.

TTI market data

The key data about intelligent packaging market:

  • TTI indicators have the biggest share of intelligent packaging market (over 90% of the market in 2006)
  • The turnover from TTI market in 2007, only for groceries, was estimated to around 101 mln USD
  • The growth of the intelligent packaging market is estimated to 30% per year
  • USA, Western Europe and Japan are the leading TTI markets

Time-temperature indicator (TTI)

TTI Indicator enables the history registration i.e. the time run of a product (especially essential whilst its growth) to which the device is fastened. The change in temperature into higher than given and after the defined time is registered as visible, irreversible indication in the form of changeable color on the indicator. However, in the TTI device there should not occur any indication of inessential in time i.e. short enough increases in temperature higher than given, until the product which is monitored by them will not lose its quality and there will be real danger of its consumption, or when the product will not fit to place it into original conditions of proper storage again.

The example of TTI indicator informing of product defrost

TTI application

Monitoring of temperature in transport and storage

Used in consideration of requirements connected with monitoring of temperature resulted from HACCP standard. Such indicators are used as an alternative to other monitoring systems. Usually there are more expensive indicators that can show information of exceeding a few temperatures, for a few times of indicator exposure in a temperature higher than assumed (diversification of danger connected with the state of a product being monitored). Used usually for combined packs in transport of products requiring freezing temperatures as well as cooling temp.

Frozen and cooled food

Applied directly on a single pack, mainly frozen and cooled groceries.

Medicines and pharmaceuticals

in pharmaceutical industry a part of medicines classified into CRT group (controlled room temperature) requires storage in appropriate temperatures.

Medical branch

Storage and transport of blood, medical organs,
vaccines etc.

Chemical products

Requiring to be kept in appropriate temperatures (paints, cosmetics etc.)