How to applicate

The qualities of frozen products

Physical and biochemical processes which take place in frozen products lead to a decrease in quality and shortening the time of consumption usefulness (expire date). The intensity of processes depends mainly on correlation of storage temperature, time in which the product has been stored in a given temperature as well as physical parameters of the product (shape, weight, kind) e.g. the defrost time of pizza is different than the defrost time of ice-creams dessert. Expire date, the most often given on the packaging is defined for the storage temperature -18˚C. This time is shortened significantly for the temperatures higher than -18˚C. Decrease of the quality of product is not visible.

Indicator destination

Invenview Technology enables current monitoring of quality of the product as well as its time of consumption usefulness (expire date). The task of the Chill-ID indicators is to inform of the product’s conditions by certain number of legible indications placed on the indicator. From the simplest ones i.e. defrost of the product up to more complicated showing the time- temperature rank in which the product has been kept and its influence on the expire date.

The process of Chill-ID implementation at the producer of frozen groceries

In order for the indicator to fulfill its functions, it must be optimized properly according to its destination and the kind of monitored product. The most important parameters that must be defined when optimizing the indicator are: precise specification of the monitored product i.e. its kind, shape, mass, conditions (temperature) in which it should be stored as well as the expire date.

In order to create the indicator that would fit Your products the best, we invite You to cooperate with us, so we could optimize our product to Your requirements

The Chill-ID indicator, as an ordinary label, enables the use of existing application technologies. The vision of the Invenview is to provide the receivers with the set of solutions i.e. to optimize the indicator together with the applying machine that match the type, kind and the efficiency of the production line.